Front of Black and Gold Climate Controlled Self-Storage Building in Iowa City, IA

Cheapest Storage Near Me

Looking for the “Cheapest Storage Near Me”?

We have the lowest-priced climate controlled self-storage facility in the area, especially when you take in account all of the amenities we have. Like our 24 hour move in kiosk, 24-hour access, gate, indoor loading/unloading area, loading dock with overhang, moving carts, camera/monitoring system, bathrooms, elevator and more.

Yes, there are even less expensive NON-climate controlled storage units around town. Still, when you are trying to protect your belongings from climate weather, roof leaks, critters, etc., you may not want to go with a traditional storage facility where the storage unit door opens right to the outdoors. Our storage units are entirely inside the building, keeping the elements out and your property safe.

Now taking online reservations with a start date from now until June 1, 2022.

Reservations after June 1st must call and talk to a representative.